Brought to you by the letters B & S

You may or may not have run into this or something very similar:


It is quite often the result of a poorly vetted pop up ad.

It is generally found travelling in the company of an annoying beeping sound.

If you read it your first reaction might be something akin to “Oh,God! Oh, God! We’re all gonna die!“.

That would be an incorrect response.

You might even be tempted to call them as you probably will have noticed that your browser is pretty much inoperative at this moment in time.

That would be an even more incorrect response.

There are no Microsoft certified technicians available at that number.

The call would connect you with bottom feeders who will try to convince you to give them access to your computer, allegedly so that they can save you from disaster (at a price), after which they will make a concerted effort to steal everything that’s not nailed down.

So, what to do with your horribly infected computer?

Murder the intruder!

But how, you may ask.


At the bottom of your screen – this assumes that you are running some form of windows – right click on the taskbar and select Task Manager from the pop up menu.


You should see something similar to the screen above.

Click on the line Internet Explorer, or Chrome, Firefox, Safari or whatever browser you have open.

Once you’ve done that click the End Task button at the lower right.

Your browser will close and the beeping will stop.

When you restart your browser, it may offer to recover your last session.

Decline the offer or you’ll go right back down the rabbit hole and it will be necessary to start the killing all over again.

At this point, it is a good idea to clear your cache and browser history so that you don’t accidentally hit the Back button and end up back at the beeping mess again.

This piece of garbage seems to be built using Amazon Web Services.

The offending website’s address is https://keaclicDOTs3DOTamazonawsDOTcomSLASHindexDOThtml.

I have reported it to Amazon, but I’m sure that it is not an isolated instance.

Obviously you should not visit it, unless you like debugging computers or have an abnormal fondness for beeping sounds.

I have seen similar pages on an iPad. To kill them you must go to Settings, then Safari, again assuming that you’re using the default browser, then Clear History and Website Data.

Otherwise, you will just go right back there when you restart Safari.

As sad as this thing is, I find it sadder still that they seem to be able to profit from it.

That is all.

UPDATE 6.23.16 – They are now operating @ – phone 877-608-4718







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