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We remember back when J. Edgar Hoover ran the F.B.I. He always managed to present himself as a fairly articulate man. What has the world come to? We have received many emails of one form or another from the current director Mr. Robert … Continue reading

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A refresher on Fraud Spotting

It seems that there are still persons who have difficulty authenticating the miraculous offers of incredible fortunes which find their way into said persons email in-boxes. We shall endeavour to dissect one such missive chosen at random from the never-ending … Continue reading

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Western Union Rides Again.

Once again we have money coming our way. We wonder sometimes why we are not swimming in it. Then again, this might be a Fraud. Subject: Attention: Customer From: Western Union Holdings Inc. [] To: Attention: Customer. This is the … Continue reading

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Vote early and often!! Does this bother anyone else or is it just us?

Whilst trolling the interwebs for something to write about, the cat stumbled upon this and called it to our attention. The website is d.b.a open.dems. It’s a do it yourself toolkit for creating on-line voter registration webpages. Voter Registration API … Continue reading

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