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Accuracy counts when polling.

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Spambots apparently cannot read.

We received a comment via the spam filter on our post Attack of the Spambots, from a m_e_g_4_3_t_r_4_4_g_i_ _j_o_e from h_g_t_4_3_5_L_o_p_3_4_5 dot com . Forgive the ‘_’ but repeating the name and website would only fulfill the original intent, whatever … Continue reading

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When cut and paste goes bad.

We understand that the typical scammer probably is very busy and as a result may not have the time to give their letters all the attention they deserve, but there is a point at which slipshod workmanship begins to take … Continue reading

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Sorry, couldn’t resist.

The incoming message: From: WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER®Sent: Friday, October 21, 2011 12:55 AM Subject: You are entitled to $1,500, 000.00 USD in the on-going united nations poverty alleviation program. send details Name,Address & Phone Number to (, to apply for your payment … Continue reading

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Come on, a little effort here people.

We currently have over 700 emails from various tricksters, charlatans and scam artists languishing in our files. These would be confidence men and women display a wide variety of skill sets. Some, such as this one and this one, are the … Continue reading

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Don’t touch that dial – we’ll be right back after this……

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Lost in trans(mangle)lation

We noticed an article about the death of former Penthouse model Anneka Vasta on the web. The headline led to a link to an article. Before we go any further, we do not find Ms. Vasta’s death amusing in any way, … Continue reading

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