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When last we heard from Director Mueller he was trying to get us to send $58 to Africa in order to get an ATM card shipped to us. He had just returned to the office after taking a few days … Continue reading

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Three quarters of a day.

We recently received an important missive, allegedly from our old friend Bob Mueller at the FBI, who was kind enough to take a break from the NSA phone snooping kerfuffle to inform us that yet another fortune was heading our way. [Dear NSA … Continue reading

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Born in the USA, no wait, Ireland, no that’s not it….

Today we have a nice letter from a nice old lady in some other part of the world who wants to give us some nice money. That hardly ever happens to us. Subject: DONATION FOR CHARITABLE From: mrs.Anita Kumar To: ellidtyd@howtospotafraud.com Date Sent: 10/24/2012 … Continue reading

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