Does anyone know the Thai word for idiot?

When last we saw Mr. Tarachaty Pejaul, we believed that we had left his cyber-body cyber-beaten and lying in a cyber-ditch never to be cyber-heard from again.

Or so we thought.

It took him nearly a week to recuperate, but recuperate he did and now he’s back.

We received this July 3.

Attention Respected funds owner,
Your e-mail information is well received.

Name: Mr. Steve Smith
Address: 23-31 Huddersfield Row,
                   West Yorkshire  United Kingdom HD2 5TXR
Phone: +447031742813

My country is not English country, we translate in Thai.

Please Fill the attach Application form sir.

Return back with a copy of your Passport or I.D

Mr. Tarachaty Pejual
Payment Department
Tel: +(66)8 43544864
Fax: (66)2273-9408

As he states, our email is well received, but he leaves out the part where it is obviously not well understood.

Although in fairness, he does admit that they translate in Thai.

He gets high marks for persistence.

We actually received four emails from Tarachaty this morning.

The one shown above came first.

It was sent from his gmail account, Here he uses his own name, assuming that he’s ever used it at all.

Next we received a duplicate from Here he pretends to be the bank.

Two minutes later, Tarachaty must have realized that he’d forgotten the attachments, so he sent the same emails again, once each from both address with the following forms attached.

We haven’t heard any more from him in the last two days, but we are certain that he’s still out there.

Maybe this time we can say:

That is all.

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