You can’t keep a good man down – or it appears that some spammers bounce.

Two days ago, we wrote of our misadventures with a Mr. Tarachaty Pejual who had demonstrated a remarkable ability to misinterpret our intentions.

We believed that our parting email to him would be sufficient to silence him forever.

Not so.

We are starting to feel that we are fighting an inflatable clown.


From: Mr. Tarachaty Pejual []
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2012 9:40 AM
To: Ellis Tyd
Subject: Re: Attention!!

Attention Respected funds owner,
 Mr. Ellis Tyd,,

US$10,000.00 was Approved by United Nation to settle all scam beneficiaries and that is what we are working upon sir.

If truly you are ready, comply with your details and we shall secure your fund to you.


Mr. Tarachaty Pejual
Payment Department
Tel: +(66)8 43544864
Fax: (66)2273-9408

At the risk of beating a dead horse, we replied as follows, taking the cat’s advice from our previous posting:

Look, you know you’re a con artist. 

I know you’re a con artist. 

No amount of protesting to the contrary on your part is going to change that.

There is no $10,000,000. There never was $10,000,000. There never will be $10,000,000. And besides your email says $10,000 so you’re not even paying attention to what you’re typing anymore.

You have absolutely nothing to do with the United Nations, which by the way is United Nations, plural, not United Nation, which is singular.

In addition, if the United Nations was planning to give $10,000,000 away they would certainly use one of their own email addresses and would not conduct their business through gmail.

Try very hard to understand that you are wasting your time attempting to convince me that you are real.

I would have thought by now that it was very clear that I know exactly what you are and what you are doing, but apparently that isn’t the case.

You’ve had your fun.

You’ve tried very hard, but accept the fact that you’ve failed.

However, if it will make you feel happy, here’s some information for you. Please continue this conversation using my REAL email address, which I am providing below.

Name:             Mr. Steve Smith
Address:         23-31 Huddersfield Row,
  West Yorkshire United Kingdom HD2 5TXR
Phone:            +447031742813

Thanks for playing…….

With regards to Mr Tarachaty Pejual, we would like to sign off with our customary, “That is all”.

But we fear that it may not be over yet.

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