Why should we have all the fun.

We were wondering the other day – do spammers get spam?

It occured to us that they may not. After all most spammers cull their collections of email address by skimming web pages.

Since our little pen pals only seem to exist in emails, where would a spammer get their email addresses from?

So we decided to remedy that.

We have posted quite a large collection of emails at http://www.hellonasled.com/ScamMailList.php, but it’s tiresome to pick through all the drivel looking for ‘@’.

We have a collection of fresh names, phone numbers and email addresses collected from emails received between May 20,2012 and June 27, 2012.

The cat actually had a further thought along those lines as well.

Since most of these creatures seem to function individualy, they most likely don’t meet each other.

We doubt that there are conventions and such for bottom feeding cretins.

Toward that end the cat requested that we make the following suggestions.

If you should like to have a bit of mischevious fun with these folks, try this.

Goto Hotmail or any of the other free email services and create a new email address for youself.

When you get an email such as this, reply to it from your new junk email’s address and supply all the information they ask for; name, address, email, phone number, etc., but use the name and numbers below.

Get creative, mix and match them, trade them with your friends.

Another public service that these miscreants can supply is they can serve for fodder for those web sites which insist that you provide an email address or name in order to view an article of download a file.

These folks might enjoy free coupons and trial magazines as well.

Again these suggestions are merely the musings of a cat, so proceed at your own peril.

Since these seem to be names and addresses that are currently in play, perhaps they will enjoy being exposed to the light, so to speak.

At any rate, we believe the names, phone numbers and email addresses listed below are those of individuals currently engaged in less than honorable undertakings using email.

Frederic Rousseau Kouassi
Avenue 16, Wade Ave,
Abidjan 16, Cote d’Ivoire
Email: f_rousseau17@yahoo.co.jp

Mr.Muna Eze
455 Agkouu Road
Ankpa, Nigeria
Email: wofficepayment@yahoo.fr
Tel: +2348032213326

Mr. Tarachaty Pejual
Tel: +(66)8 43544864
Fax: (66)2273-9408

Mr. William S. Dusley
Email: williamsdudley_reserve@aol.com

Dr. Gemadi Hassan.
Tel: +2348026983575

Heather Walker
Email: walkerh@rogers.com

Mr. Richard Dickson
1st Floor Medical Mews
Sandon City, South Africa
Tel: +27-812-738-448

Mr. William Wilcox.
Email: freelottintls@aol.com
Tel: +447035916234
Tel: +12092886558

Dr Duncan Barr
Email: barrydrduncan@yahoo.com.hk

Mr.Adam Musa
Tel: +234-8052053721

Mr.Steve Smith
23-31 Huddersfield Row,
West Yorkshire United Kingdom HD2 5TXR
E-mail: stevesmith20121@gmail.com
Tel: +447031742813

Lewis Lohan
Email: htcaward2@rediffmail.com

Mrs. Franca Lee
Email: union_w@kimo.com
Tel: +60164872136

Leroy Kabila Jr.
E-mail: roykabila@yahoo.es
Tel: +27 738408122

Mr. Sean Williams
Email: info.seanwilliams@yahoo.cn
Tel: +234-705-726-5013

Mrs. Elizabeth Dipuo Peters
Email: elizabeth_peters5@hotmail.com
Tel: +27-82-813-7020

Mrs.Judith Bangura
Rue 59 Ave. B: P 15087
Abidjan. Cote d’Ivoire
Email: mrsjudithbangura@globomail.com

Ayesha Gadhafi
Email: ayeshaa@yahoo.cn

Mr. Victor Osei
Email: web.inf00@rogers.com

Rev Felix Amadi
Email: revfelixamadi@superposta.com
Tel: +234-8055853338

Mrs.Emilly Olivier Jackman
Email: mrsemilly@superposta.com

Dr. Lee Yung
Email: wumtaccess08@aol.com
Tel: +60.149.423.902

Mrs. Susan Shabangu
Email: mamasusan77@gmail.com
Tel: +27-76-800-966

Mr. Carlos Moore
Email: fcbk.onlinepromo2012@gmail.com

Kelvin Williams
Email: kelvinwilliamsfbi2@representative.com

Mr. Martin Moyo,
122 Nelson Mandela Square
Santon Johannesburg
South Africa
Email: martinmoyo@webmail.co.za

Mrs Agnes Reuben
Email: unitednations5@xnmsn.com

Mrs Stella Oduah
23 Herbert Marculary Avenue
Cotonou-Benin Republic
Federal Capital Territory (F.C.T.)
Email: rosemaha200@yahoo.com.tw

Nadine Sidambaram.
Email: mrs.nadiane@aol.com

Mr.Henry Robert
E-mail: fedexpost14@mynet.com

Mr. Edward Kong
39-02 Main Street,
Flushing, NY 11354, USA
Email: edwardkong25@yahoo.cn

David Ademola
Email: go.link@yahoo.cn

Timothy Briggs
Email: timoth.brigg@yahoo.com.hk

Mr. David Berkley
Email: dberkley1@mail.com

Alex Chapman
Tel: +44-703-591-3524

Rev. Dr. Kelvin Branco
Email: rev.dr_kbranco10@yahoo.com

Abu Collins
E-mail: highspeed-express@dgoh.org
Tel: +2348054241648

Mr. Lucky Ali
Email: customeredbk@yahoo.cn

Mr. Donald Knigge
Email: donaldknigge@eml.c

Mr. Gavin Klass.
#14 Osborne Road,
Bedfordview Johannesburg
South Africa
E-mail: mrgavinklass2012@gmail.com
Tel: 0027781307649

Mrs. Carman L. Lapointe
Tel: +234-8073743180

Mr. James H. Wilson
Tel: 571-934-7603 (US)

Dr Sansui Lamido Sansui,
Email: david.mike09@ovi.com
Tel: +234-81-8466-001
904-900-8152 (US)
904-410-7187 (US)

Dr. Mrs.Vivian Okoro
Email: msvivian_okoro91@live.com

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2 Responses to Why should we have all the fun.

  1. Lillian Boyington says:

    Oh, for the time to take you up on this offer. 🙂

  2. theresa edwards joshua

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