Suddenly it’s all becoming clear.

We have often pondered the mystery of how someone could come to believe that the typical email scam letter, such as the ones we have dissected and archived, was in any way, shape or form representative of the truth.

We would like to think that there is a small amount of common sense naturally occurring in the general population which would spark some small fire of coherent thought leading away from the obvious misinformation contained within the messages.

At least that’s what we would like to believe as it helps us sleep at night believing that the majority of the uninstitutionalized are functioning at a base level consistent with the minimum level required to maintain a civilization.

And then we stumble upon things like this:

And this:

And this:

We were unaware that Stanley Kubrick directed the moon landings as explained

here: and

here: and


We did not know that conspiracies like this were true.

Really, we didn’t.

We didn’t know that the end is near:

We could post more but there are enough peripheral links from any of the above to keep you entranced for days.

We now believe that the email scammers may, in some small accidental way, be performing a vital service to mankind as if they reduce the funding of any of the individuals responsible for the links above, then aren’t we all a little bit better off in the long run.

We shall return to form shortly.

Meanwhile, should you need us, we shall be in our bunker, under our stone, polishing our tin foil hat.

That is all.



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