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They will not tell a lie

In slightly less than a year’s time, the citizenry of the United States will gather once again to overthrow the government as they do quadrennially. Between now and then there will be an ever-increasing assault upon the senses by those … Continue reading

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Mail order romance. Return to sender.

So, the cat was wandering the Internet the other day and brought this to our attention. All right. What on earth could ever convince someone to head down that road? If someone is capable of enticing men halfway across¬†the … Continue reading

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You Won… Well, not really, but we’re going to try to convice you otherwise… for a small fee… or two… a pittance really…

Oh goody, we won a lottery…. again. This time it’s from England.¬† We heard on the radio this morning that Germany is becoming upset with England. We believe we’ve seen that somewhere before. Given the current state of affairs in … Continue reading

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