Spambots apparently cannot read.

We received a comment via the spam filter on our post Attack of the Spambots, from a
m_e_g_4_3_t_r_4_4_g_i_ _j_o_e from h_g_t_4_3_5_L_o_p_3_4_5 dot com . Forgive the ‘_’ but repeating the name and website would only fulfill the original intent, whatever that was.

At any rate, entering the name into the search at the Stop Forum Spam website seems to indicate that this is at least a spammer if not an actual a spambot.

The website referenced is not even registered. There was also an IP address provided. The IP address is part of a block of addresses registered to someone in Romania.

We believe that we are dealing with a spambot if for no other reason than the content of the post, which follows:

I love your current blog page Attack of the Spambots | How to spot a Fraud. Thanks a ton with regard to this specific amazing write-up! I most certainly will bookmark your current web page and also check again right here frequently

It strikes us that this particular post was not the best place to attempt making a comment.

Needless to say, the comment died in the spam filter.

It is sad to think that machine intelligence is manifesting itself in the form of small herds of lying cyber-sycophants. It’s enough to make HAL weep. 

We also discovered in writing this that apparently machine intelligence has a racist side as well. The spellchecker’s suggestion for “Spambot” (when capitalized) is “Sambo”.

That is all.

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