Lost in trans(mangle)lation

We noticed an article about the death of former Penthouse model Anneka Vasta on the web. The headline led to a link to an article.

Before we go any further, we do not find Ms. Vasta’s death amusing in any way, shape or form. Our issue is with one version of the article.

The first link that was presented was to a blog where the article had clearly been passed through several layers of machine translation.

It clearly went from English to somewhere, to hither and yon, over the river and through the woods and eventually back to English, in a manner of speaking.

We believe that we found the original article. Comparing it to the post translation version we are somewhat at a loss as to what other languages the article visited between the original and the post translation version. We provide the links so that you will not think we made this up.


It seems that the link to the post translation article may have gone missing.

Here is the text of both the original and the translation:

First the original:

Anneka Vasta death: mystery surrounds former ‘Penthouse’ model’s death

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Mystery surrounds the death of a woman who washed up on a Southern California beach more than nine months ago and more than three decades after she posed nude in Penthouse magazine, dated its founder Bob Guccione and bared it all in “Caligula.”

The body of Anneka Vasta was found Jan. 4 by joggers on a restricted San Diego County military training beach. She had been known as Anneka Di Lorenzo when she was Penthouse 1975 Pet of the Year and appeared in the sexually graphic 1979 movie “Caligula.”

Although she was 58, Camp Pendleton military police said the slender, naked body found on the beach was so youthful in appearance they thought she was teenager.

An autopsy revealed she had a broken neck and back, and drowned.

But authorities want to know how the woman who became a Los Angeles-area nursing assistant got on the remote beach 35 miles north of San Diego, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported on Monday.

They also want to know if the death was a suicide.

Susan Thoreson said her divorced, unemployed sister was last seen alive when she drove away from her Los Angeles home on Jan. 2. Vasta, the suburban Sherman Oaks resident said, was an emotionally fragile woman who had bouts of paranoia during which she would flee.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service now wants help from the public, asking if anyone remembers seeing Vasta stopped along Interstate 5, where her maroon 2001 Mazda 626 sedan was found parked at a scenic coastal overlook, which sits atop a 60-foot bluff above the sandy beach. Her purse and cell phone were in the car.

If she jumped, or fell, from the bluff, investigators said the body wouldn’t have hit the water because the tide doesn’t come up that far. There’s no explicit evidence of foul play.

“The main unanswered question that we have is how she got from her vehicle to the water,” said Special Agent Rachel McGranaghan, one of two naval investigators leading the case. “We know her life ended in the water, in some circumstance, we just don’t know how.”

After the Penthouse spread, Vasta won a landmark sexual harassment suit against Guccione, who died at 79 on Oct. 20, 2010. She claimed Guccione pressured her to have sex with his business associates.

In 1990, a New York judge awarded her more than $4 million.

Now the translation (as cut and pasted from the web):

Anneka Vasta Death Mystery Surrounds Former

Secret is all around your death of a lady whom laundered high on a new Southern California seashore greater than seven weeks previously and more than three decades after the girl asked nude inside Penthouse newspaper, was involved with its president Frank Guccione as well as bared all of it throughout “Caligula.In .

Your body regarding Anneka Vasta was discovered January. Four simply by runners over a confined Hillcrest County military services coaching beach. She’d been known as Anneka Di Lorenzo whenever the lady was Penthouse 1974 Puppy of the Year as well as came out in the sexually artwork Nineteen seventy nine film “Caligula.”

Even though the girl had been 58, Camp out Pendleton armed service authorities mentioned the particular thin, nude system found on the beach front was younger looking in look these people imagined your woman ended up being teenager.

The autopsy unveiled she’d the broken back and neck, and drowned.

However authorities wish to know the way the girl whom grew to become a Shedd Angeles-area cna got for the rural beach Thirty-five mls north associated with Los angeles, the actual Hillcrest Union-Tribune (http://bit.ly/op9sl7) noted about Wednesday.

They also need to know if the dying was obviously a committing suicide.

Leslie Thoreson said the girl divorced, jobless sibling had been very last observed alive any time the lady went from her Los Angeles home about January. A couple of. Vasta, the actual suv Sherman Oaks kama’aina ( explained, ended up being a good on an emotional level fragile lady which got rounds associated with paranoia during which she would run away.

The particular Naval Offender Detective Support now would like the help of the population, asking in the event that any person honors viewing Vasta halted alongside The road 5, in which your ex maroon Beginning of 2001 Mazda 626 sedan is discovered parked with a beautiful resort forget about, which in turn sits on a 60-foot bluff higher than the exotic beach. The girl purse along with cellphone had been in the car.

If the lady dived, as well as fell, from the decide to bluff, investigators mentioned the body would not have strike the lake for the reason that hold doesn’t appear that far. There isn’t any very revealing evidence of foul enjoy.

“The main un answered issue that we get is how the girl obtained coming from her vehicle to the h2o,Inch explained Specific Adviser Rachel McGranaghan, 1 of 2 naval researchers primary true. “We realize her lifetime ended in the river, in some situation, we merely have no idea just how.Inch

Following the Penthouse distributed, Vasta received a landmark lovemaking harassment go well with against Guccione, which passed on in 79 about April. Twenty, This year. She said Guccione urged her to possess intercourse regarding his business associates.

In 1990, a brand new York decide honored her more than $4 trillion.

Again, we mean no disrespect to Ms. Vasta but are puzzled by the damage done to the king’s English by machines and devices unknown.

A true puzzlement, to us, is the beginning of the seventh paragraph where Susan Thoresen becomes Leslie Thoreson.

Susan to something to something to something to Leslie? Shirley, you jest.

If this is how the rest of the world is informed about the goings on in the United States, it could explain a lot.

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