Another brief aside…

It appears that the originator of the email referenced in A refresher on Fraud Spotting stumbled upon our blog.

He, she or it posted the following comment regarding the post. There was an email address, phone number and IP address which pointed to an individual in Utah as the source, but the clear, precise language makes us think that the information may be less than accurate.

The comment was as follows:

your bulletin in regards this Email of funds left to me ,will be
pursued to the fullest. verify to me what has been sent or your bulletin of it
 being fraud owe me for my time !!!i have very handy friends and will
cause you a pain you don”t want. hope your blockers are on .you have 24
 hrs OR less whoever you are …435-555-1234 homeland sec.and added friends will be reaching you .compensate me or verify your authority of statement in regards issue of will. i dont likr to be f%$#ed with.have a great bloody day!!!!

The pink text is edited from the original as the phone number did trace back to a name in Utah roughly matching the name in the email, which again lead us to believe that the name and phone number were probably harvested from the web.
Needless to say it has been significantly longer than 24 hours and neither Homeland Security nor any handy added friends have appeared. We did not allow the comment to post, so we suspect that our nemesis hasn’t returned to view his handiwork.

With regards to the content of the comment:

Dear dolt,

As far as the funds left to us by the late J. Paul Getty. The email we referred to was sent to us and is allegedly money left to us, not to you. If, in fact, the email was also sent to you then that is the only proof of fraud that there need be. We can clearly surmise for the eloquence evident in your comment, that you are probably the type of person that houseplants talk down to. Feel free to revel in your ignorance and be sure to try out for the Darwin Awards at your earliest convenience.


Ellis Tyd & The Cat.

That is all.

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