Ripped from last week’s headlines

Ripped from last week’s headlines

Despite what we covered yesterday, Toccata and Fugue in Scam Minor, an exploration of variations on old recycled themes, all hope for the future is not lost.

There are enterprising individuals out there actually paying attention to what’s going on in  the world and attempting to introduce new works of con artistry to the world.

We explore one such work of nouveau scam below.

View the original here.

Subject: Hello
From: Alaa . M
Date Sent: 2/26/2011 8:33:35 PM

I am Alaa Mubarak, son of the recently ousted president of Egypt 
(Hosni Mubarak). Since the collapse of the Mubarak regime, there has been 
a massive crackdown on assets and investments belonging to the Mubarak 
family; and this is highly influenced by the political 
opposition and enemies 
of our family.

Should you feel so inclined, poke around the internet a bit investigating Mr. Mubarak on your own. It shouldn’t take you very long to work out that this is not the type of person who would be likely to be reduced to soliciting strangers on the internet.

So far a total of 3 billion US dollars worth of asset and investments has 
been frozen in Britain 
and Switzerland alone. Please see the link below for details:

Unfortunately, only one of the links above is still live. A link from the working article explores his father’s wealth, estimating it to be in excess of seventy billion dollars. The three billion is just petty cash.
I am contacting you because there is an urgent need to reprofile all my 
remaining assets and ensure they are outside the radar of the new 
Egyptianleadership. We currently seek an Investor who would help us 
and we are ready to strike a good deal.

We are thrilled to think that we are so well-known in international money laundering circles that we are the first choice of the Mubarak family.

Unfortunately, we have hidden our network of agents so well that we are unable to locate them at the moment. Of course that might explain why our money seems to turn up all over the globe on an almost daily basis.

If you think you would be able to move some funds over for a possible business 
venture, feel free to contact my lawyer and we can work out possible mutual benefit.

Certainly we can accommodate you, we deal with millions and millions of dollars every day.

Please bear in mind that this is highly confidential and I am using this email for 
security reasons, so do not reply to me but forward your response to my lawyer 
in the UK:

We always use unencrypted email to strangers when we want to hide from the cat. It’s much more secure that way. 

Mr. Tom Daley

There is a website which has nothing to do with email, so we aren’t quite certain where to look for Mr. Tom Daley.

We do find it amusing that an English Barrister would have an email address, acquired through an email service that provides free email, when he is allegedly in charge of several billions of dollars belonging to the family of a recently deposed despot.
Alaa M.

We will concede points to you for taking the initiative, who ever you are, but not enough to move you into the believable category.

At least you did make an attempt at doing something new instead of posing as a widow whose husband died from four days disease.

Unfortunately, when all is said and done, this is still just a Fraud.

Please do not attempt to contact Tom Daley, the alleged lawyer, you know how expensive they can be.

Joins us again next time for “That’s a really funny name for a priest” here at

That is all.

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