Wild, Wild West(tern Union)

Wild, Wild West(tern Union)

Contrary to what you might believe given what you may have seen here, Western Union is a very old and legitimate company. We do not in any way, shape or form believe that there is any attempt by Western Union to defraud anyone. In fact, they have an extensive section of their website dedicated to preventing the very scams that we have presented here at HowToSpotAFraud.com.

So how, you are wondering, do they come to be featured in so many of these nefarious emails? It’s quite simple. They are very good at allowing people to send other people money.

To blame Western Union for any part in these schemes is roughly the same as blaming a street for a drunk driver.

This paragraph is copied directly from the Western Union website:

Tips to Help Protect You from Fraud

Western Union understands that you work hard for your money and you want a ‎reliable company to send your money. That’s why we’re working to help you protect ‎yourself from fraud. Below are a few tips to reduce your chance of becoming a ‎victim.‎

  • Only send money to people you personally know and trust.
  • If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Never send money to pay for taxes or fees on lottery or prize winnings.
  • Never provide your banking information to unknown individuals or businesses‎.
  • Never send money in advance to obtain a loan or credit card.
  • Verify every emergency situation before sending money.‎
  • Never send funds from a check in your account until it officially clears which can ‎take weeks.
  • Remember it is illegal to send money for any gambling or other activities prohibited by law.

If you think you’ve been a victim of fraud please call us at 1-800-448-1492‎

We couldn’t agree more.

So why would anyone not avail themselves of that phone number before sending money to Nigeria, or Benin or anywhere else? Because no one likes to look the fool, even though following through on these promises of riches will lead there eventually. If you have been presented with a scheme which sounds too good to be true, check it out before you do anything.

We seldom spend more than an hour researching any email that we post. It usually becomes clear within the first few minutes that there is something wrong with the deal.

We have twenty-one emails in our archive advising the use of western Union to ransom something; a package, an ATM card, a box, etc. This is twenty percent of our archive which only dates back to January 15, 2011, when we decided to do something more than just delete them.

Rather than present all the gory details of these various frauds, we shall list the names involved as a hall of shame, if you would. We strongly advise not calling, emailing and most of all sending money to any of the following individuals, unless someone you know personally happens to have the same name and you feel comfortable vouching for their authenticity.

In no particular order we suspect the following persons of Fraud.

Step into the spotlight, little cockroaches.

Udealor Chinaka, Obunso Benjamine 

Mr.John Brakes, Mr. Zhinong Shao – Company DirectorWujiang Wanlida Textile Company

Mr. Donald C. Holeman

Shedrack Aririahu &  Mr. Ben Larry – Lagos  Nigeria

The unknown genius who offered $900,000, provided a form, but neglected to include any contact information

Ben Martins & Mr. Mark G Newton- Lagos, Nigeria

Mr.Tom Williams & Mr. John Booma

Mr Atiku Usman,  Dr.Mohamed Bello, &  Mr Goodluck Johnson

The not so Rev Thomas Paul

Mr Peter Elu  , Marcel Owurah, Christopher Nwakacha, &  Roland Mark

Johnson Darry,  Dr James Mark,  Ahmed Zwaagstra

Okorah Steve, Ezihe Frankli,  & Mr Edochie James Lagos Nigeria

Mr. Khalid Fellahi & Yu Wang (Sorry, made us think of Elmer Fudd playing Lurch – not to be confused with larch)

Mr.Leo Harrison & Mrs.Rosemary Geoffrey

Dr. James Obi

Mr. Alhaji Babayaro

Update Feb 14, 2011
Dr. Frank Ben,  Mr. John Iwunor, Benin Republic

Update Feb 16, 2011
Dr. John Akim, Mr.Richard Abiola, &  Mr Jmes Don – Cotonou, Benin Republic

We will be updating this post with links to the actual emails over the next few days. The more of these things we post, the more chance there is that someone searching for information will stumble upon one and save themselves some grief.

Should anyone mentioned on this list want to have their name removed, there is a simple solution.

Show me the money.

We will gladly reimburse you for your time, and may even throw in a nice tip.

Joins us again, next time, for “Sky Courier and the package from Benin” here at HowToSpotAFraud.com.

That is all.

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2 Responses to Wild, Wild West(tern Union)

  1. Trine Ross says:

    Any comments on this one, that I just recieved:

    Western Union: Opdateret profil
    westernunionresponse [westernunionresponse@westernunion.com.eu]
    Sendt: 6. september 2011 17:24
    Trine Ross
    Kære medlem,
    Denne e-mail er at bekræfte, at du med held har ændret din westernunion profil. hvis du gjorde
    ikke foretage denne ændring, bedes klik her straks at gendanne din konto adgang.
    Du kan få adgang til din profil på http://westernunion.europe
    Tak fordi du bruger Western Union!
    Svar ikke på denne e-mail. Hvis du har spørgsmål KONTAKT OS.

    In translation:
    Subject: update profil
    Dear Member
    This mail confirms that you have succesfully changed your Westernunion profile. If you have not autorized these changes please click here to recreate your profile.
    You can acces your account through http://westernunion.europe
    Thanks for using Western Union!
    Do not answer this e-mail. If you have questions contact us-

    • Ellis Tyd says:

      I would guess fake.
      If you have an account with Western Union, you should already have a legitimate login and should use that.
      If you aren’t sure you can always contact Western Union directly through their website.
      The link http://westernunion.europe doesn’t seem to be valid. Just delete it.

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